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Full Release: 29 September 2016

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Based on the community award-winning mod for Doom2, Unloved is a savagely fun and defying neo-classic first person shooter venture. Abhorrent monsters, fatally cataclysmic weapons, and rapid, flowing motion provide the base for profound, first-person fight – no matter if you’re wiping out devil crowds through the soundings of inferno in the single-player mode, or battling in a group of up to 4 human players in order to defeat the hordes of demons.


Unloved is inspired in the critically acclaimed mod for Doom2 that Paul Schneider, the author behind this game, developed a while ago. After gaining fame among the indie Community with the million-downloads PC-game Gungirl 2 and Super Panda Adventures on Steam, Paul made this blood’n’guts experience as his most ambitious project. The game has been in Early Access on Steam for 12 months. Finally, in September 2016, oldschool gamers and younger hardcore lads will meet past and future of pure gaming.


  • Randomly arranged Levels
  • Fast Paced Shooter Gameplay + Coop
  • Create your own unique Persona and Play-Style
  • Find Weapon-Mods to be more efficient
  • Gain Karma by completing personal Challenges
  • Unlock new Items


UNLOVED Teaser Trailer YouTube

UNLOVED Clinic Upgrade Official Trailer YouTube


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About BlueEagle Productions

BlueEagle Productions is an independent video game studio based in the superurbanized city of Hamburg, Germany. Creating games since 2008 and leaded by Paul Schneider, literally a one man business, BlueEagle Productions focuses on projects with a very strong personality. Paul is the author of the insanely cute Super Panda Adventures —available on Steam with more than 90% positive reviews— and the humour-loaded freeware PC game Gungirl 2, which has been enjoyed by more than 1M users so far. Their upcoming title, Unloved (Steam) will be released on September 2016.

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Game by
Paul Schneider

3D Art and Animations by
Jochen Buck, Helmut Stark, Paul Schneider

Music by
James Dean